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With over 15 years of experience behind us, we design innovative sustainable energy systems for businesses, enterprises and homes seeking modern, future-focused green energy solutions. Our highly-skilled team of engineers delivers high-performing Solar PV, Biomass, Biogas and Solar Thermal solutions, across southern Africa. Our solutions are unique to your needs and conditions, and are designed to offer simple, sustainable savings for customers across many sectors of industry, including manufacturing, farming, and forestry.

Solar PV

Solar energy is a pragmatic solution for the current energy crisis. It is one of the most efficient and popular forms of renewable energy available today. Renen carefully and continually researches a diverse range of products in this ever-changing and highly-competitive market. We offer highly-efficient, durable and affordable, roof and ground mounted solutions that will exceed your expectations. Talk to our team about our off-grid, grid-tied and hybrid power solutions.

Grid Tied
Solar Power

Grid-tied solar power combines renewable energy with traditional power as backup. Harness the power of renewable energy, reduce your bills and your environmental footprint. We offer roof and ground mounted solutions.

Solar Solutions

Become independent from grid power. Off-grid solar systems offer a world of new energy opportunities for those looking to end dependence on grid power, save on energy costs or in places out of reach of traditional power supply. Renen’s solar power systems allow energy generation in any location with sufficient sunlight, no matter how remote.

Hybrid Power

Hybrid systems combine the best of grid-tied and off-grid systems, providing a resilient, uninterrupted power source. The system remains connected to the grid as backup. By incorporating a battery, it provides power in an outage without requiring a generator. A hybrid system utilises power from the sun – and any excess keeps the battery charged.


Biomass is an increasingly popular renewable energy source that can help businesses reduce their carbon emissions and save on energy bills. Renen uses innovative and best-in-class technology to convert waste biomass into thermal energy. A biomass solution provides incredible benefits for spatial heating of large areas and hot water solutions for a range of industries. 

What is

Simply, biomass is biodegradable waste from the agricultural sector, which is converted into energy. Our biomass offers a completely sustainable, carbon-neutral alternative to traditional fuel sources.


We provide clients with engineered biomass solutions, tailored to your application and needs, and can assist during all stages of the project.


Biogas is a powerful, under-utilised source of renewable energy. It is a by-product of something we have in abundance: waste. Biogas is growing in popularity for offering high energy density – providing a meaningful solution as we navigate high energy prices, an unreliable grid, and the imperative of preserving natural resources.

What is

Biogas is a natural, energy-rich renewable energy source, produced from the decomposition and breakdown of organic waste matter such as plant material.

Harnessing The Power
of Nature

Benefit from a climate-friendly alternative to fossil fuels.  Go green by using biogas as a direct replacement for natural gas to power your operations. In addition, this solution delivers a Nitrate rich by-product.

Solar Thermal

Thermal energy forms a big part of many industries’ needs and solar thermal systems allow the sun’s energy to be directly and efficiently utilised to fill this need. Evacuated tubes form an efficient collector of the sun’s energy. These systems can be configured with biomass boilers to provide heated water even during periods of low solar radiation.

Water Heating

Using biomass pellet boilers, evacuated tubes or solar thermal geysers, we can help you heat water for your business, farm, hotel or nursery. Whatever the application, we have the solution.

Spatial Heating

Multiple industries require large areas to be spatially heated. Using biomass, solar or a combination, we can help you to heat large commercial spaces. Our applications are great for root zone heating in nurseries, swimming pool heating, chicken farms, dairies and more.


As a member of the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA), we actively participate in shaping the future of solar energy in South Africa and stay at the forefront of industry advancements. Additionally, our partnership with PV Green Card reflects our dedication to delivering top-tier solar solutions with a focus on quality, safety, and performance. These affiliations reinforce our mission to provide innovative and sustainable energy solutions to our valued commercial clients.


Work with Renen to reduce energy usage, save money and reach your green energy ambitions. We look forward to partnering with you.

The technologies and products we use are carefully selected by our team, who are constantly researching and sourcing innovative solutions. We ensure that you get the best from reliable and trusted partners.