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Partnering with industry experts our team provides customers with tailored services. We offer the following services with every renewable energy solution.


Renen Energy partners with its supplier, Sivula, to provide our customers with ready-to-go remote monitoring and control solutions. Sivula’s Controllers are aimed at managing decentralised energy systems in the industrial and agricultural sectors – using smart technologies to ensure energy efficiency and supply.

  •  <span class="lte-header lte-h4"> POWER AUDITING </span> POWER AUDITING Renen offers full power audits of businesses and enterprises. We deliver a full audit of your energy profile and provide solutions for you to consider to improve or modify your power consumption.
  •  <span class="lte-header lte-h4"> GREEN CONSULTING </span> GREEN CONSULTING Our Green Consultancy Service offers tailor-made solutions to suit your needs and can include feasibility studies, post-installation efficiency monitoring, project design and delivery, power monitoring and auditing and more.
  •  <span class="lte-header lte-h4"> POWER MONITORING </span> POWER MONITORING Renen installs electronic monitoring equipment across our custom solutions, to analyse, profile and advise on current consumption patterns. With this knowledge we are able to recommend a solution and improved practices.
  •  <span class="lte-header lte-h4"> BASIC FINANCIAL ASSESSMENTS </span> BASIC FINANCIAL ASSESSMENTS Our offering includes a basic financial assessment tailored to each project. The Renen team evaluates the financial viability, return on investment, and cost-efficiency of your renewable energy project.
  •  <span class="lte-header lte-h4"> CUSTOM ENGINEERING </span> CUSTOM ENGINEERING Our team works closely with clients to achieve cost effective, reliable renewable energy systems. We assist with design, sourcing, implementation and commissioning of renewable energy systems across the spectrum.
  •  <span class="lte-header lte-h4"> PROJECT MANAGEMENT </span> PROJECT MANAGEMENT Our project management service includes planning, risk management and mitigation, resource management, budgets and quality control. With a proven track record, we are confident we can deliver on time and to budget.
  •  <span class="lte-header lte-h4"> RESEARCH </span> RESEARCH We apply our industry knowledge and our years of experience to quantitative, qualitative or analytical research for academic purposes, to test a hypothesis or to determine the feasibility of a technology, project or renewable energy undertaking.
  •  <span class="lte-header lte-h4"> MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS </span> MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS Our maintenance packages are designed to keep your renewable energy systems running smoothly. With our dedicated team at your service, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected and your energy needs are consistently met. We offer in-house monitoring on every project.

Work with Renen to reduce energy usage, save money and reach your green energy ambitions. We look forward to partnering with you.

The technologies and products we use are carefully selected by our highly-skilled team, who are constantly researching and sourcing innovative solutions. We ensure that you get the best from reliable and trusted partners.