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BIOMASS Wood pellets, wood chips and other biomass offer a completely sustainable alternative to traditional fuel sources. Renen uses innovative and best-in-class technology to convert waste biomass into energy as either heat or electricity. A biomass solution provides incredible benefits for spatial heating of large areas and hot water solutions for a range of industries.
BIOGAS Biogas is currently a largely untapped source of renewable energy. It is a by-product of waste; waste that we all contribute to on a daily basis. It has a high energy density (ED) in comparison to other renewable energy sources and this, combined with the organic fertiliser by-product, makes this technology increasingly popular, as fossil fuels dwindle and prices sky rocket.
SOLAR THERMAL Renen offers effective and energy-efficient spatial and water heating solutions. Multiple industries require large commercial areas to be spatially heated. Using biogas, biomass, solar, or a combination, we can help you to heat large volumetric areas. Renen helps customers heat water effectively using biomass pellet boilers, evacuated tubes or solar thermal geysers.
SOLAR PV Our solar energy solutions make it easier for businesses and households to take control of their energy usage. Renen carefully and continually researches a diverse range of products in this ever-changing and highly-competitive market. We select highly-efficient, durable and affordable products that will exceed your expectations.Talk to our team about our off-grid power, grid-tied power and power purchase solutions.