Solar PV Solutions

Power Purchase
Renen offers Power Purchase solutions to businesses; we install panels on your roof or ground to generate electricity for you, which you then purchase from us for an agreed contractual period. This agreement works on the basis of a rental, where businesses only pay for the energy used, at a tariff that is cheaper than traditional grid power.
Off-Grid Solar Power Solutions
Off-grid solar systems offer a world of new energy opportunities to those looking to end dependence on grid power, save on energy costs, or to places out of reach of traditional power supply. Renen’s solar power systems allow energy generation in any location with sufficient sunlight. With our range of carefully-selected technologies, we design a composite solution that can get you completely off the grid.
Grid Tied Solar Power
Grid Tied Solar Power combines renewable energy with traditional power as backup. Harness the power of renewable energy, reduce your bills and your environmental footprint, while enjoying the peace of mind of grid-supplied power for those times when your demand is greater. We offer roof and ground mounted solutions.