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Know your figures

Renen offers pre and post installation power monitoring. Through the installation of electronic monitoring equipment we are able to analyse, profile and advise on current consumption patterns. With this knowledge we are able to recommend a solution and improved practices that will help you to achieve lower consumption rates and show you how to distribute your energy consumption within the best parameters for your specific tariff structure.


Designing solutions

Our skilled team works closely with our clients to achieve cost effective, reliable renewable energy systems. We are able to assist with design, sourcing, implementation and commissioning of renewable energy systems across the spectrum.


To spec, on time, within budget

Renen will project manage your undertaking including planning, risk management and mitigation, resource management, budgets and quality control. With a proven track record with large scale projects we are confident we can deliver a quality solution on time and to budget


Inspect, learn, adapt

Allow us to conduct a full power audit on your home, business or enterprise. We deliver a full audit of your energy profile and provide available options for you to consider to improve or modify your power consumption.


Systematic investigation toward answers

We apply our industry knowledge and our years of experience to quantative, qualatative or analytical research for academic purposes, to test a hypotheses or to determine the feasibility of a technology, project or renewable energy undertaking.


Advice and guidance on sustainability

Our Green Consultancy Service offers tailor made solutions to suit your needs and can include feasibility studies, post installation efficiency monitoring, project design and delivery, power monitoring and auditing and more.


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Eskom set to claw back costs from consumers

Eskom set to claw back costs from consumers BY CHARLOTTE MATHEWS, JULY 31 2014, 05:45 SOUTH Africans may see a hike in electricity tariffs next year of between two and five percentage points above the 8% increases they are already facing after the National Energy...

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Dark days for Eskom

Dark days for Eskom August 2 2014 at 05:32pm By Craig Dodds Just how grim Eskom’s finances are was laid bare during a joint meeting of energy and public enterprises committees. Johannesburg - It’s a slow-motion train wreck happening before our eyes, on a scale so vast...

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SA mulls Eskom privatisation

SA mulls Eskom privatisation August 5 2014 at 12:48pm Johannesburg - The government is considering inviting private-sector capital to help bridge state-run electricity supplier Eskom’s R225 billion  funding gap. Private investment is one of a number of solutions being...

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