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Biodegradable waste to energy

Wood pellets, wood chips and other biomass offer a completely sustainable alternative to other fuel sources. Renen use innovative and best in class technology to convert waste biomass into energy as either heat or electricity. Fantastic for spacial heating of large areas like seed nurseries or large water volumes like swimmign pools or hot water solutions for the hospitality or farming industries.



Harnessing the power of nature

Biogas is currently a largely untapped source of Renewable Energy. It is a by-product of waste. Waste that we all contribute to on a daily basis. It has a High Energy Density (ED) in comparison to other Renewable Energy Sources and this, combined with the organic fertiliser by-product, will make this technology increasingly popular in the near future as fossil fuels dwindle and prices sky rocket.



World class high technology

Renen carefully and continually researches a diverse range of products in this ever changing and highly competitive market. We carefully select what we believe are highly efficient, durable and affordable products that not only compliment our unique approach to our composite technology platform, our solar thermal solutions or our off-grid soultions but will exceed your expectations.


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Eskom set to claw back costs from consumers

Eskom set to claw back costs from consumers BY CHARLOTTE MATHEWS, JULY 31 2014, 05:45 SOUTH Africans may see a hike in electricity tariffs next year of between two and five percentage points above the 8% increases they are already facing after the National Energy...

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Dark days for Eskom

Dark days for Eskom August 2 2014 at 05:32pm By Craig Dodds Just how grim Eskom’s finances are was laid bare during a joint meeting of energy and public enterprises committees. Johannesburg - It’s a slow-motion train wreck happening before our eyes, on a scale so vast...

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SA mulls Eskom privatisation

SA mulls Eskom privatisation August 5 2014 at 12:48pm Johannesburg - The government is considering inviting private-sector capital to help bridge state-run electricity supplier Eskom’s R225 billion  funding gap. Private investment is one of a number of solutions being...

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