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Our mission is to employ our engineering expertise, our industry-wide connections and our friendly, personal and pragmatic approach so that we can offer reliable, efficient and sustainable energy solutions to African industry.

We look forward to working with you to solve your energy needs.


Covering the alternate energy spectrum.


The go-to alternate energy specialists!


We offer a range of services from full project design and delivery, feasibility studies, pre and post installation efficiency monitoring, product sourcing, energy consultation, energy research training courses and more.

Power Auditing

Allow us to conduct a full power audit on your home, business or enterprise. We deliver a full audit of your energy profile and provide available options for you to consider to improve or modify your power consumption.

Green Consulting

Our Green Consultancy Service offers tailor made solutions to suit your needs and can include feasibility studies, post installation efficiency monitoring, project design and delivery, power monitoring and auditing and more.

Power Monitoring

Renen installs electronic monitoring equipment to analyse, profile and advise on current consumption patterns. With this knowledge we are able to recommend a solution and improved practices.

Custom Engineering Solutions

Our skilled team works closely with our clients to achieve cost effective, reliable renewable energy systems. We are able to assist with design, sourcing, implementation and commissioning of renewable energy systems across the spectrum.

Project Management

Renen will project manage your undertaking including planning, risk management and mitigation, resource management, budgets and quality control. With a proven track record with large scale projects we are confident we can deliver a quality solution on time and to budget


We apply our industry knowledge and our years of experience to quantative, qualatative or analytical research for academic purposes, to test a hypotheses or to determine the feasibility of a technology, project or renewable energy undertaking.


Harnessing innovative best of breed solutions.

The technologies and products we use are carefully selected by our highly skilled and demanding team who are constantly researching and sourcing innovative solutions that harness the power of new materials and best practices in this rapidly changing market. We ensure that you get the best of breed from reliable and trusted partners.


Wood pellets, wood chips and other biomas offer a completely sustainable alternative to other fuel sources. Renen use innovative and best in class technology to convert waste biomas into energy as either heat or electricity. Fantastic for spacial heating of large areas like seed nurseries or large water volumes like swimmign pools or hot water solutions for the hospitality or farming industries.


BioGas is currently a largely untapped source of Renewable Energy. It is a by-product of waste. Waste that we all contribute to on a daily basis. It has a High Energy Density (ED) in comparison to other Renewable Energy Sources and this, combined with the organic fertiliser by-product, will make this technology increasingly popular in the near future as fossil fuels dwindle and prices sky rocket.


Renen carefully and continually researches a diverse range of products in this ever changing and highly competitive market. We carefully select what we believe are highly efficient, durable and affordable products that not only compliment our unique approach to our composite technology platform, our solar thermal solutions or our off-grid soultions but will exceed your expectations.


We consider ourselves to be alternate energy specialists and take pride in our engineering expertise, industry-wide connections and friendly, personal and pragmatic approach.

Combined with our up to date knowledge of solar, biogas, wind, LED, composite energy solutions, power monitoring and a host of other supporting services we are confident we can create a working solution specific to your needs.


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